Hi there, fella.

Exceed is a Social/Casual Free Company looking for new friendly players.
(Chatterboxes are especially welcomed) to join our ranks. While we're not Endgame focused, we have a good group of players willing to help with all sorts of content. This
includes crafting, story missions, Primals, and dungeons.
We're looking for English speakers from any time zone to help our group grow. All play styles and and levels are welcomed to join. All we really care about is to have fun.

Rank 8 FC with double buffs always active.
Large house in The Mist. (Ward#6 Plot#2)
All crafting stations.
A stable.
No restrictions on private rooms.
A relaxed adult-like environment.

You can always /tell any EX member for an invite in game or just finish your application here and someone will contact you as soon as possible.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.