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An all-female motorcycle gang, called 'The Maneaters' hold motorcycle races, as well as terrorize the residents of a small Florida town, and clash off against an all-male rival gang of hot-riders.
A female motorcycle gang busies itself creating a ruckus. They regularly have bike races to determine who gets their pick of men for the night. When a rival male gang encroaches on their territory, it's a battle to the finish.
The theme tune of this classic was appropriated by the Cramps (who also did a version of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill) - although I like the originals better.<br/><br/>This film comes under the &quot;so bad it&#39;s good&quot; category - odd, half-mumbled dialogue (apparently they were trying to get a mainstream rating so the actors had to fumble the swearing) and only a minimum of nudity. The actresses were bikers first and actresses second - and I think it shows. They can all ride bikes at least. The two leads - Betty (Queenie) and Pat (Whitey) are great anyway. The concept of the &quot;stud-line&quot; is very amusing - and everyone at least seems to be enjoying themselves. Check out Queenie&#39;s leopard skin waistcoat and silver go-go boots. I got this film on DVD under the Something Weird label in the Virgin Mega Store New York (Times Square) - there were loads of copies in the cult section - This film is due for a massive revival. The DVD version has commentary from Herschell Gordon Lewis, as well as the groovy trailer, and a weird short film about biker gangs, where a straight-as-they-come narrator hilariously attempts to use hep dialogue &quot;these cats are really cool..&quot; etc and the biker member gives a long incoherently rambling narrative about what it means to be in the gang. Recommended!
She-Devils on Wheels (1968) was Herschel Gordon Lewis&#39; entry into the &quot;hot&quot; bikersploitation film craze that was occurring in the B-movie circuit. I guess the gory set piece movies were out and the biker films were in. This movie is something else, what is it I still haven&#39;t a clue. A man hating motorcycle club called The Maneaters drive around looking for trouble, getting in trouble with other clubs and fighting amongst themselves. But there&#39;s trouble a brewing within in the club. Can these She-Devils rule the road? Will the law catch up to them? Why does that camera shake so much? You&#39;ll find these answers when you watch &quot;She-Devils on Wheels&quot;.<br/><br/>Not an entertaining film. But if you&#39;re a die-hard Herschel Gordon Lewis fan then you&#39;ll want to grab a copy of this flick. Others need not apply.

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